Topic – “Top 15 Weakness in Software Testing Process”


All around the world, we are still facing a variety of issues with software production, more than half of the IT projects are still unsuccessful, although we have adopted new development approaches such as Agile and DevOps, they alone are not enough. Among other factors, we have identified the top 15 weaknesses in software testing processes that need to be addressed to help deliver higher quality, higher profitability, and higher time-to-market software.

We identified these top 15 weaknesses and their solutions by adopting one of the most successful Test Process Models such as the TMMi-Test Maturity Model integration- as a road map. Although new development approaches such as Agile and DevOps have allowed the delivery of better and faster software, you can achieve even more if you follow at least the following three most important takeaways

  1. Have the support of Higher Management throughout the software lifecycle to be able to implement a Top-Down Approach – (Good Sponsor by Standish Group)
  2. Have a great and skilled Team – (Good Team by Standish Group)
  3. Have a defined/tested Test Process Model before you start developing/testing your software products like in the aviation certification industry – (Good Place by Standish Group)