Topic – “Measure twice-cut once: with DevOps & TDD”


Talking with customers, it becomes obvious that there’s no one size fits all in DevOps in general and in software testing. Organizations need to develop the patterns and processes that make the most sense for their teams and their business. For some, test-driven development (TDD) may prove an effective practice to promote both product quality and faster delivery time. Unlike typical operating models, the DevOps model with focuses on TDD (Test Driven Development) very much align with organizational mindset, mechanics, maturity, and market share. The model helps change culture and creates a team of team environment using Diverse Collaboration techniques that develop diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization as they deliver a predictable flow of value to their customers.

As organizations learn, they develop this same relationship with their customers by creating opportunities for Diverse Collaboration where every voice can be heard through Agility. This helps them relate to their customers, potential customers and provide the best experience possible. This model allows for the creation of opinionated pipelines and helps create a common understanding across teams as to what is required to be secure. Taking this approach can be considered a part of implementing a DevOps program and I’ve used this approach at multiple clients. It helps build organizational confidence in the automation of software delivery.