Mark Summers

Founder/Principal QA Architect, QA Radius LLC

  • Founder and President of QA Radius LLC. QA Radius is a software quality assurance services organization specializing in maturity assessments, skills development and QA Professional services.
  • Founding Member and President TMMI America.
  • 27 years of direct experience in the structured software testing, maturity assessments and software quality assurance industries.
  • Core competencies are implementing large QCOE’s, TMMI & CMMI Maturity frameworks, Performance & Test Automation frameworks,
  • Agile/DevOps Testing and developing top talent.
  • He has worked for many Fortune 100 and 500 companies like Northwestern Mutual, FIS, Kohl’s and Johnson Controls.
  • His approach to Quality Assurance is delivering business value focused around defect prevention, IT process optimization and metrics driven decision making.