Topic – “Data Governance in digitalization of testing tools”


Modern day Validation organizations are racing towards 100% end to end automation to increase quality and decrease products’ time to market. This led to design and development of tools that integrate and communicate with each other making validation lifecycle completely automated with minimum to no human intervention. Digitalization of all test data is key to sustain this ecosystem. The process of data digitalization creates a need for data governance to ensure data is trustworthy and insightful. This enables organizations to take accurate decisions and improve productivity. Dell Enterprise Validation Engineering Org has created several tools over the past years to help test engineers in their activities related to important test case selection, important configurations or platform selection, scheduling of different test runs through automation tools. These tools work independent of each other. This Org is now moving towards complete digitalization and to put data related checks in place, data governance team is formed. Org has invested time and effort in creating a Data Governance Framework. This paper will walk you through the best practices in creating a Data Governance framework, how Dell Enterprise Validation Engineering managed data assets to ensure data quality, availability, usability, integrity, and security, created standards and policies for tools integration, and how tools moved from being data unaware to aware creating mature data leading to higher test maturity.