Topic – “Achieve Organization Agility with high quality XaaS Agile Infrastructure Operating Model”


To thrive in this digital age, often customers radically change behaviors, disrupt existing business models, and prompt enterprise to quickly respond in innovative ways. To deliver around value, delivery teams are held back by underlying IT infrastructure tied with siloed mindset, manual workflows, and lost in firefighting incidents mis-aligned to enterprise strategy. IT Infrastructure function should pivot to a product mindset, with automated, self-service capabilities to enable last mile configuration by engineers to deliver with speed and quality. The talk outline challenges faced by today’s infrastructure organizations. How they need to re-organize virtually around value with bedrock and shaper teams, staffed through chapter model. To accelerate organization agility, adopt an Agile Infrastructure operating model, align strategy to execution partnering with business, enable world class process and technical agility to succeed as modern enterprise.

Learning Outcome: Key takeaways for the audience are as follows:

  1. How IT infrastructure constraints an enterprise ability to adopt hypothesis driven build, measure and learn cycles, release value many times a day?
  2. New Agile IT Infrastructure Operating Model with team designed for seamless integration with delivery teams through X as a Service pattern.
  3. Establish continuous learning culture for the bedrock and shaper engineers staffed by chapter model
  4. Participate in cadence of enterprise demand intake and prioritization, align infrastructure priorities around value and customer centricity