Gary Rueda Sandoval

Software Testing Expert, TMMi America Founder, Business Innovations

Software Testing Expert & Business Acceleration Advisor, who trains business operations personnel, who want to optimize their software system increasing the company’s operating profit margin by at least 25%. With a quarter-century of experience in Software Engineering, he has been the first ISTQB instructor in Latin America since 2007. He holds the certifications ISTQB CT-Full Advanced, CT-AT, CT-MT, TMMi Assessor/Test Process Improver, and has a Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin-Germany, and has trained more than 5K professionals in ISTQB Courses in Latin America. Created tools for the intelligent generation of test cases and test data. Founded the TMMi America and the Hispanic America Software Testing Qualifications Board, and now he is serving as Executive Director in both chapters.