Implementing TMMi, where should you start?

TMMi is a powerful Test Process Improvement framework which is essential for transforming quality, for continuous improvement of your testing capabilities or becoming a supplier for organizations requiring TMMi Maturity accreditation.

A common question we get here @ TMMi America is “what’s the best way to get started leveraging the power of TMMi’s Test Process Improvement framework.

Here are the basic steps to begin your TMMi Journey:

  1. Increase your knowledge of TMMi: There are plenty of resources available on and that you can use to increase your overall knowledge of the TMMi framework.
  2. Establish yourself as the Quality and Testing champion: The best way to establish yourself a test transformation leader within your organization is to adopt and implement the World’s Leading test process improvement and test maturity framework.
    • Start by becoming a certified TMMi Professional. Certified TMMi Professionals are considered deep testing experts and often drive testing continuous improvements for their organizations.
    • Take your transformation skills further by becoming an expert in Test Maturity Assessments by becoming a TMMI Accredited Assessor or Lead Assessor. Join the elite group of TMMi Assessors and help your organization achieve higher levels of test maturity, improved software quality and increased value delivery.
    • Find an accredited TMMi training provider here:
  3. Identify your TMMi related goals: Typically companies are leveraging the TMMi Test Process Improvement frameworks because they want to transform their testing capabilities to achieve higher levels of quality and efficiencies with their software delivery or you want to be a supplier for an organization that requires you to be a certain TMMi Maturity Level. Which goal matches your needs?
    • Test Processes Improvement: If you are looking to leverage TMMi for Test Transformation then you have a number of options. You can start by picking an application to perform an Informal Self Assessment that can be performed by you, are directionally correct and usually are used to drive simple process improvements. You can bring in a professional to guide you through a Quick Scan Informal assessment that is great for more significant process improvement initiatives but aren’t registered with the TMMI Foundation. Finally, if you want to make rapid quality improvements and would like to have your maturity level achievement registered with the TMMI Foundation, then bring in an accredited TMMi Lead Assessor to perform a Formal TMMi Assessment.
    • I want to be a supplier: If you want to be a supplier for a company that requires you to be registered with at a specific maturity level, then you need to have a Formal TMMi Assessment. Formal assessments need to be performed by accredited assessors that will provide the assessment, recommend the required improvements to achieve the desired maturity level and will submit your TMMi Level to the TMMI Foundation.
    • Find an recognized TMMi Assessment provider here:
  4. Establish a test improvement culture and make TMMi Test Process Improvement the center of your continuous improvement framework and culture.