You as a company or individual can become a member of TMMi America which includes the following Membership Levels with its corresponding benefits:

Basic Member:

  • Free
  • Valid for one year
  • Access to our newsletter

Premier Member:

  • 25 USD per year
  • Valid for one year
  • Access to our newsletter
  • Access to our Community
  • Access to webinars / Lean Coffees
  • Can run for the Chapter after 2 years

Code of Ethics for Members of TMMi America


Members of TMMi America are committed to high standards of honesty, integrity and impartiality in both business and personal dealings. Our personal and business reputations are our most valuable assets, and they depend on our conduct and concern for the people, whom we serve. It is important that we avoid situations that may lead to or give the appearance of a conflict between self-interest and our responsibility to promote the best interests of TMMi America.

It is the intent of TMMi America that Members shall satisfy an individual’s desire to assist TMMi America’s mission and efforts while furthering an opportunity for volunteer service in an environment of high ethical standards. Thus, all programs, activities, committee work and meetings conducted, presented or performed by the Members shall be accomplished in a highly ethical manner, focusing on a standard of excellence, which will reflect credit to TMMi America.

Members must exhibit a sense of responsibility to TMMi America, which should not be compromised or breached by self-interest, regardless of the conditions or attitudes of fellow Members.

This code was developed to provide guidelines for the Members. It cannot address every situation, which might arise. It is, however, our responsibility to be familiar with, and to abide by, both the letter and spirit of this Code. In all situations, including those where policy or guidelines are not specific, adherence to commonly accepted standards of conduct should be maintained. If you are unsure of the appropriate course of action, discuss it with the Board of Directors.

General Guidelines:

Integrity and confidence are the foundation of any professional group. Members should avoid conduct that may result in a conflict or the appearance of conflict between the interests of TMMi America or its Members and the Member’s self-interest.

A Member must not engage in conduct or commit any act that could bring public embarrassment or discredit to the reputation, public image, or integrity of the TMMi America organization.

Members shall not use any form of communication in a derogatory or personally damaging way nor conduct or condone any programs, activities, publications, speeches, or conduct, which are considered to be detrimental to the best interests of TMMi America.

Disclosure of Entrusted Information:

Except through public disclosures or after public disclosure by duly authorized personnel acting on behalf of TMMi America and except as permitted by law or regulation, TMMi Members are responsible for protecting the privacy of all entrusted information (whether or not proprietary) involving the members and their organization within TMMi America.

Maintenance of Standards:

  • Maintaining high ethical standards in any form of communication or action is the responsibility of the Members.
  • Any violation of this Code of Ethics must be reported in writing, to the Executive committee of TMMi America.
  • Violations may be delegated to an impartial third party for a recommended resolution.
  • The Member will be given a complete copy of the report and an opportunity to explain any ‘conflicts’ before the matter is reported for action.
  • The Board of Directors will consider, evaluate, resolve, and determine any appropriate action for individual Members of TMMi America.
  • The Board of Directors is granted the authority to consider, evaluate, resolve and determine any appropriate action for a Member, including removal from membership to remedy a violation of the Code or prevent it from occurring in the future.


  • Copies of this Code will be published annually and distributed to all Members.
  • The Board of Directors will review and update this Code, as required.
  • The Members must review this Code annually and sign below, agreeing to comply with the Code, which shall be maintained in TMMi America’s shared repository.